Local Issues

Collectively, we are stewards of some of the most valuable land and marine resources in America. Competing interests will inevitably have opposing views on the best use of these resources. The issues we are actively participating in and monitoring are:

Briny Breezes -
Town Redevelopment

Growth Management

Active Projects

Past Projects

Please visit these pages to learn how you can be involved in protecting our coastal community.

Get Involved

Become involved in your city or town by attending monthly commission meetings.
Boynton Beach 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month 6:30PM
Briny Breezes 4th Thursday of the month 4:00PM
Delray Beach 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month 6:00PM
Gulf Stream 2nd Friday of the month 9:00AM
Manalapan 4th Tuesday of the month 1:00PM
Ocean Ridge 1st Monday of the month 6:00PM
Palm Beach County 2nd Tuesday of the month 9:30AM
Briny Breezes
Planning & Zoning
2nd Thursday of the month 4:00PM

Click here for the complete Palm Beach County schedule.