MoNitoring Growth Management

The State has recently washed its hands on regulating growth management from Tallahassee. In theory, the best decisions on land use should be implemented at the local level, under well-considered planning and zoning ordinances. In fact, shrewd developers have the upper hand in most large and costly local development projects. Due to the high cost of land in coastal communities, there is a constant tendency to build projects on a scale that exceeds local zoning density and intensity criteria. In some communities, virtually all projects seek "Conditional Use" adjustments allowing for greater height, more dwelling units, less parking space, less green space, and other considerations that reduce cost or generate more revenue than would be the case if the developer were held to restrictions in local land use regulations. The impact of such overdevelopment on the quality of life in coastal communities is potentially irreversible. The Coalition will continue to monitor and attend all town meetings, educated the public on large scale developments and encourage public participation.