Boaters Can Help!

Florida's waterways define recreation, a point validated by the state's one million registered water vessels and the $14 billion marine industry. A group of that magnitude has a huge environmental impact and a responsibility to protect the resources that they derive so much pleasure from to help ensure that Florida's future generations will have the same opportunities.

There are many ways in which boaters can help safeguard the marine environment, such as using phosphate-free, biodegradable and non-toxic products, or just plain water, when cleaning the boat; using a spray nozzle on hoses to conserve water; bottom painting with non-toxic products; avoiding fragile seagrass beds; and using the pump-out stations provided at designated Clean Marinas. Click here to see the list of Clean Marinas in the Southeast region of Florida.

As the only state in the contiguous United States bordered by two coastal water bodies and with 1,350 miles of coastline and 50,000 miles of inland and coastal rivers and streams, the opportunity for boaters is open ended - whether it's taking to the blue-green oceans, calm tannic lakes or winding rivers that seem to go on forever. But with the state's population predicted to become the third largest in the nation by 2030, there will be an even greater demand placed on Florida's natural resources.

Florida can proudly boast of having 170 Clean Marinas throughout the state. To become a designated Clean Marina the facility must meet more than 125 environmental measures that help to protect the state's natural resources. Simple changes, such as enclosing work areas to help prevent pollutants from entering the water, reusing treated wash water from boat cleanings, developing stormwater plans, providing pump-out services and educating customers all contribute to a positive outcome for Florida's marine environment.

Happy, Safe and Responsible Boating!