Briny Breezes

Current Status

Six years ago, it was almost certain that the tiny Town of Briny Breezes would be sold and redeveloped into a luxury resort featuring a large marina, five 20-story condos, a high-rise time share and a 349 room hotel. The Coalition was founded to intercede on behalf of coastal residential neighborhoods, calling attention to the impact of overwhelming density on local infrastructures, the natural environment and quality of life. The 2007 plan was rejected by state and regional authorities, and while the Town is officially still for sale, only one serious new buyout proposal has surfaced.

Meantime, the Town is in the process of amending its Comprehensive Plan to permit conversion of existing mobile homes into permanent single and multifamily structures, and to expand its commercial businesses along the A1A Corridor. If and when the shareholders (of the Cooperative Corporation that owns the entire 40+ acre property) decide not to sell the entire community to outside interests, there will be renewed demands for modernization and economic development. Through the Coalition, Briny's neighbors have expressed their support for any responsible plan that maintains the character of the Town, and is compatible with surrounding communities. The Coalition has attended virtually all Briny public meetings for the past six years, and we plan to stay involved until all affected parties are satisfied that a New Briny Breezes is a prime example of enlightened redevelopment of a small coastal town.

History (2007 Development Project)